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We are the Majorca Villa Specialists. Out of the countless number of villas throughout Majorca, we have carefully inspected and hand-picked only 400+ exceptional villas in Pollensa, Alcudia and all around the island. You are sure to get the best Majorca experience while staying with us.
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Villa owners pay the fee, not you

There is no hidden cost or booking fee. Instead, we get paid by the villa owners for our service.
Best price guaranteed

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Our concierge team is available anytime to organize anything you might need. If you have any questions or need to arrange extra services, we are just a phone call or a text message a way.
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The Majorca Villa Finder team

Daniel Rouquette

Daniel Rouquette

Managing Director & co-founder

Daniel’s job is to make sure that you have the best possible experience when you search, book and stay in one of our villas. Being extremely customer-focused, he insists on talking to clients directly on the phone and personally visiting the villas in our collection.

Daniel co-founded the company in 2012 with David Chambat. He is a graduate from EDHEC Business School in France with a passion for entrepreneurial projects which led him to Singapore in 2010. The only thing he enjoys more than running and traveling around the world is playing the devil’s advocate in our meetings.

Maria Saputri

Maria Saputri

Deputy Managing Director

Maria and her concierge team are in charge of assisting your villa bookings and meeting your villa needs - 7 days a week, in 7 different languages. Maria has always been passionate about traveling and holiday coordination, having worked for both EVA Air and Bayu Buana Travel Services in Jakarta and Singapore.

As the working mother of a young son, Maria believes that it's important for children to get to explore and see the world, but also knows how challenging it can be to take care of young ones during family holidays. That’s why Maria works around the clock to ensure your family trips are seamless, and that you'll have the best memories and bonding time to look back on. Maria is also still a passionate traveler and holiday coordinator for her big family and friends. She loves road tripping with her son and is always planning the next destination to explore!

Julien R0MEY

Julien R0MEY

Chief Technology Officer

Julien is the wizard that brings the company's dreams to the World Wide Web. An unstoppable running addict, Julien pauses to listen carefully and patiently to the needs of his users in order to build the best experience for them. Born in France, Julien has worked for SamBoat, Publicis and multiple other companies before moving to Singapore in 2017.



We are always looking for talents

Join our team of travel addicts from more than 8 countries, and help us go the extra-mile for our customers! Send your resume and a few lines about you to join at villa-finder.com.

Sarah Octova Sinaga, Supply Manager

Sarah Octova Sinaga

Supply Manager
Jolien Keulen, Marketing Advisor

Jolien Keulen

Marketing Advisor
Khanh Tran, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Khanh Tran

Senior Digital Marketing Executive
Okta Riyanti, Villa Concierge

Okta Riyanti

Villa Concierge
Roberto Martín, Senior Web Developer

Roberto Martín

Senior Web Developer
Trias Aristanty, Villa Concierge

Trias Aristanty

Villa Concierge
Edoria Ridzmann, Marketing Communication Manager

Edoria Ridzmann

Marketing Communication Manager
Biondi Tantra, Villa Concierge

Biondi Tantra

Villa Concierge
Hario Bagusatma, Travel Consultant

Hario Bagusatma

Travel Consultant
Amelia Mega, Marketing Executive

Amelia Mega

Marketing Executive
Weni Dianawati, Reservations Senior

Weni Dianawati

Reservations Senior
Yunita Andriani, Assistant to the GM

Yunita Andriani

Assistant to the GM
Puteri Kalina, Travel Consultant

Puteri Kalina

Travel Consultant
Avron Kamagi, Reservation Officer

Avron Kamagi

Reservation Officer
Kartika Julita, Marketing & Distribution

Kartika Julita

Marketing & Distribution
Agatha Christie Della, Travel Consultant

Agatha Christie Della

Travel Consultant
Ratih Sukatno, Senior Villa Concierge

Ratih Sukatno

Senior Villa Concierge
Adrian Putra, Villa Concierge

Adrian Putra

Villa Concierge
Diah Garsanti, Sales Manager

Diah Garsanti

Sales Manager
Edric Kuswadi, Senior Travel Consultant

Edric Kuswadi

Senior Travel Consultant
Amadea Sitorus, Travel Consultant

Amadea Sitorus

Travel Consultant
Deasy Putri, Travel Consultant

Deasy Putri

Travel Consultant
Jane Lauwrensia, Finance Controller

Jane Lauwrensia

Finance Controller
Aurélie Gourdon, Quality Control Advisor

Aurélie Gourdon

Quality Control Advisor
Amanda Chiarappa, Regional Marketing Manager

Amanda Chiarappa

Regional Marketing Manager
Anastasia Uvick, Concierge Manager

Anastasia Uvick

Concierge Manager
Nindya Dewanti, Marketing Executive Senior

Nindya Dewanti

Marketing Executive Senior
Alexandre Bacco, Senior Web Developer

Alexandre Bacco

Senior Web Developer

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